I want to share what’s been cooking…. And soon to be served!

Akshay Ramanathan
4 min readMay 22, 2021

Yes! Among them is an emailer! ….I know what you’re thinking…. ” Ahh fff** another emailer to clog up my inbox…. Thank god he doesn’t know I just delete them.”

But I do… and it breaks my… you know that organ responsible for pumping blood around my body…and the one that bleeds when I watch Bollywood movies…

But don’t fret! My extremely supportive pal! This ain’t just any emailer ;) Because it’s truly written by yours truly.

Nx a month (…my ingenious solution for not committing to the frequency of these messages….)

I’m going to send you a block of strangely formatted text, likely with misspellings, and a great many grammatical issues.

And laid within shall be… pearls of wisdom, so divine…

insight… so profound… it’ll rock the very foundation of what it means to be you …


It won't.

Seriously. It won't. That I promise you.

More likely, it’ll be a simple (but at times annoying, horribly abstract, with a quirky indiscernible genius) honest update on the happenings that are my life, work, and business. Most importantly I’ll present you with some new insight I’ve gained during my search for abundance and success.

I’ll offer you some knowledge products, cool event invites, and connections to content and creators that will wax, polish, and shine, the warped world we live in.

Packed with poorly researched truths, thrust forward like a religious offering you must not refuse, I will also share reflections and unsolicited opinions.

There will be potential for profanity, questionable attitudes, and frankness that … well at this point I just don’t give a fuck … so if you need parental guidance please unsubscribe now. (Or better yet, stay tuned, because this is THE message for you. The real. The raw. The written.)

Hopefully humorous. Although, that always lands differently for everyone. But certainly an honest perspective of:

Success, life, leadership, change, diversity, dance, artistry, music, writing, spirituality, humanity… and a great so many things that are so far beyond my grasp, I’ll certainly need your help in reaching.

I’m doing this because it’s long overdue. For me. And for you.

I mean seriously…. Does a photo of me at a BBQ or eating an avocado toast … really tell you anything about who I am, who I was, or who I am evolving and trying to be….?

Between (Amy Porterfield & Melyssa Griffin, and many others) I’m gonna say I definitely need a really solid email list to have a thriving online biz. I need to build an email list as part of my business “Six Figure Success,” where I am trying to help as many people as I can with updating their resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, get ready for interviews and provide whatever support they might need in navigating their professional careers.

I have actually been doing this for a really long time. And it turns out… I’m pretty good at it! I enjoy seeing success in others when they find light in a place of darkness, and a new direction to take their life to the next level. There is seriously not one single thing… that makes me feel better.

But also very important to me, is to write to you in a manner that…. yes panders to your materialistic need for knowledge and information… but also expresses something of depth and value. I know these are not mutually exclusive, but if we’re are being real… which we are … it’s one of the very things I am working out.

How do I sell? How do I market? How do I create and assert value for the information and experience that I have gained? How do I package that up and share it with people in a manner that betters their lives?

So here’s what’s up my G! Stick with me.

Because I know we're long past that point where I can ask anything of your attention.

This isn’t a one-way street. Let’s open a dialogue about the shit that matters. Like leading with empathy, being mentally unhealthy, and in an overwhelming age of technology and further decentralized workforces, how we can create communities that bring our hearts and souls together. Let’s share ways we can monetize our passions without selling our souls. Leaving the world a slightly better place than when we entered it.

Let’s start with a serious look at “success” because I think it is at the top. “What is success? What does it look, sound, and feel like? And why is it that when so many of my peeps are “successful” …. They really feel like failures!?

So here I stand, like a lamb ready for slaughter ( I’m vegetarian), to get real and vulnerable, to tell you where reality ripped me apart, and principled stances sent me packing. The full-face bitch slaps that life brought me when I thought things should have been a certain way, and came to find that they weren’t.

As far as who this “emailer” or whatever you want to call it is for… well… I think the person this is mostly written for is myself.

That me, who could have used perspective, insight, encouragement, and inspiration. That me whose tears tore him apart from the inside out because he was too afraid to ask for help, admit he was lost and didn’t know up from down.

And while there is no replacement for experience, there is a place for respectfully discussing ideas and challenging assumptions, and tossing rigid and uncreative notions of what it means to “do” or “be” anything.

Maybe in here these stories, ramblings, and rudimentary scratch … sent through this electronic medium…. I can download some of that wisdom, wisdom gained from some of the most beautiful experiences life has to offer.

It’s become clear as day that my clock is not counting up. So before I go, I’d like to leave something behind.

Something that made me a better person. And something that was of service to someone else.

With Love & Respect,